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Valor Leadership Partners is a member of the Turnaround Management Association.
Turnaround Consulting and Management
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Many companies, at some point, find themselves in troubled situations. When this happens, the rules of business can change. Decisions have to take on different constraints, particularly cash. This requires a different way of looking at your business with specialized analytical tools.

Management holds onto the belief that they can work themselves out of trouble, but are not always conversant with the necessary tools to work out of trouble.

Valor Leadership Partners works alongside management, introducing tools to analyze the new realities and help present alternatives that provide a clear path towards success.

Valor Leadership Partners continues to work with management until the situation is stabilized and the new tools are institutionalized in the company.

High Growth Consulting and Management
In high-growth situations, companies are often unable to take advantage of their true potential, because obstacles to growth present themselves faster than management can deal with them. When an obstacle hinders growth, the company often takes a step back from its goals.

Valor Leadership Partners will help you analyze and anticipate growth obstacles. Valor Leadership Partners will help design a plan to remove the obstacles before they are encountered by the company and erode potential success. Valor Leadership Partners will continue to work with management to monitor the situation until the analytical tools can be institutionalized within the company.

Our Approach
Valor utilizes a structured approach to conducting engagements. The key elements of our approach are:
  1. Establish Goals for the Engagement
  2. This encompasses initial meetings with the client to discuss goals for the engagement. We review in detail pertinent issues and the role that Valor will play in the situation. We gain an understanding of the client's expected outcomes and establish realistic expectations. We only accept engagements where we believe Valor Leadership Partners will add significant value.
  3. Execute Engagement Letter
  4. When Valor Leadership Partners accepts an assignment, we will document the goals of the assignment in the engagement letter. Also in the letter will be details regarding our fees and expenses as well as payment terms. Once the engagement letter is reviewed and executed by all parties, Valor will begin the assignment.
  5. Manage the Engagement
  6. Regular reporting on the engagement will be made during the assignment. As the engagement progresses, parties will be notified of progress as well as of areas of concern. Periodically, we compare our progress to the original goals, to be sure expectations are being met or exceded. Significant deviations from the original plan, good or bad, are discussed as soon as they are apparent. TENFOOT

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    Bankruptcy support
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    Because of our long history of success, we have numerous references available. Based on the type of engagement, we will submit references upon request designed to give you information most relevalant to your situation.