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Valor Leadership Partners is a member of the Turnaround Management Association.

Light manufacturing

Wind down and sale of a steel fabrication business

Analysis and quick liquidation of an envelope company

Timely and effective inventory liquidation

• Revitalization of a metal recycling company

• Assisted a manufacturer of agricultual equipment in collection efforts in Florida.

• Assisted an appliance parts manufacturer in a potential target acquisition.

• Assisted an auto parts manufacturer in identifying potential purchasers of an auto parts manufacturer.

• Assisted beverage & houseware manufcturer in developing cash flow model to use for bank negotiation.

• Assisted cable construction company in developing cash flow and raising financing. Developed weekly reporting by project.

• Restructured candy manufacturer and importer and achieved profitability within thirty days. Managed bank relationship and purchase of another manufacturer out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Subsequently sold the company.

• Manufacturer of construction materials was in severe financial difficulty. Management knew neither the magnitude of the problem nor the solution. Did an assessment of the organization and assisted the client in preparing a detailed cash flow analysis. Identified the extent of the problem; developed and implemented an action plan. Subsequently sold company as a going concern.

• Assisted in the marketing of a defense explosives manufacturer. Client requested sale price of $17 million; achieved a credible offer for $23 million.

• Represented the bank in selling a defense electronics manufacturer in Pennsylvania. Overcame a severe adversarial relationship with debtor; used unconventional packaging to sell the company as a going concern.

• Assisted in construction planning for setting up dehumidifier assembly factory within thirty days after Hurricane Katrina. Assisted in setting up Chinese manufacturing plant.

• Assisted manufacturer of fine china in developing plan to restore profitability; worked on improvement in manufacturing operation.

• Represented the bank in finding a buyer for a high-tech electronics manufacturer that was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

• Analyzed and monitored a health care equipment manufacturer that was in default with the bank.

• Assessed manufacturer of nails and its prospects for reopening. Assessment was accepted and successfully implemented.

• Assisted in developing cash flow plan for bank negotiations.  Negotiated increases in line and repaired relationship with bank

• Controller of steel manufacturing company that grew from $20 million to $104 million in five years. Integrated acquisitions, installed new computer system nationally (24 locations). Managed relationship with Swedish parent.